Call for Papers

Hosted by the Schulich School of Business, York University, Toronto

Emerging Scholars Colloquium July 5, 2020

Main Conference July 6-8, 2020

The Critical Perspectives on Accounting Conference brings together accounting faculty, doctoral students and researchers from other disciplines who are interested in critical accounting research.

The Conference is held every three years. It offers an inclusive and energizing atmosphere, aiming to build and consolidate the network of active supporters of critical accounting scholarship. The Conference also seeks to encourage critical reflexivity on the development of accounting prescriptions and the practice of accounting in a world facing a multitude of challenges. Further, the Conference aims to generate substantive conversations on how accounting might be improved in the hope of constructing a better and fairer world.

The 2020 Critical Perspectives on Accounting Conference will be held in Toronto at the Schulich School of Business, York University.

The university is now connected to downtown Toronto by subway, bringing the amazing dining, entertainment, and accommodation options of one of the world’s most culturally diverse cities within easy reach of conference participants.


All papers will be reviewed before being accepted to the Conference. A discussant will be assigned if the paper is accepted. By submitting a paper you agree that you will be available, if required, to provide a timely review of another paper submitted to the Conference. You also agree that, should your paper be accepted, you or one of your co-authors will attend the Conference to respond to the discussant comments, and to serve as discussant of another paper during the Conference. Manuscripts should be submitted to with the Subject line: ‘CPA 2020 Conference Submission’

Key Dates

Feb 7, 2020 Submission deadline
Apr 10, 2020 Acceptance decision and review comments
May 15, 2020 Registration deadline

Organizing Committee

Marcia Annisette
Matt Bamber
Cameron Graham


Suggested Topics

  • Accounting’s role in climate change
  • Accounting’s role in politics and political discourse
  • Financial accounting’s role in the processes of international capital formation, including its impact on stock market stability and international banking activities
  • Management accounting’s role in organizing the labor process
  • The relationship between accounting and the state in various social formations
  • Studies of accounting’s historical role, as a means of “remembering” the subject’s social and conflictual character
  • The role (and consequences) of sustainability accounting in promoting discourses and images consistent with the claim of corporate social responsibility
  • Studies aiming to question and deconstruct corporate governance discourses and practices
  • The role of tax regulation and practices in engendering social inequities
  • The power of the accounting establishment in promoting neoliberalism and financialization
  • Accounting’s role in globalization processes
  • Antagonisms between the social and private character of accounting
  • Accounting’s role in gender, class, racial, and ethnic conflicts in the workplace and society