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  • Day 1 - Monday, July 6

    All sessions are 90 minutes long

  • Day 2 - Tuesday, July 7

    All sessions are 90 minutes long

  • Day 3 - Wednesday, July 8

    All sessions are 90 minutes long

  • Day 4 - Thursday, July 9

    All sessions are 90 minutes long

  • introduced by Eija Vinnari

  • Paper 1
    Understanding the career progression of women accountants - the role of gender and patriarchy
    Authors: Bridget Efeoghene Ogharanduku, Audrey Paterson, William Jackson
    Discussant: Daniela Senkl

    Paper 2
    Constructing the Sacred and Profane: Ideological Exclusion through the Lens of Implicit Religion
    Author: Louella Moore
    Discussant: Sanjay Lanka

  • Paper 3
    Accounting inscription in social significance: A case study of a biodiversity conservation project to connecting Borneo and Japan
    Authors: Yan Li, Ayako Sendo
    Discussant: Matt Scobie

    Paper 4
    Accounting in Feminist Social Movements: An Exploration into Time’s Up and the Use of Accounting toward Influencing Change
    Authors: Andrea M. Romi, Stacy L. Chavez, Robin W. Roberts
    Discussant: Kylie Kingston

  • introduced by Cheryl Lehman

  • Paper 5
    The Frog in the Pan: Relational Transformation of Public Values in the UK Tax Authority
    Authors: Sara Closs-Davies, Koen Bartels, Doris Merkl-Davies
    Discussant: Carlene Wynter

    Paper 6
    Contested valuations of life itself. Accounting for death and the end of life
    Authors: Jeremy Morales, Caroline Lambert, Marie Theule
    Discussant: Céline Baud

  • Paper 7
    Towards a Queer Accounting Pedagogy
    Authors: Lisa Powell, Alessandro Ghio, and Nick McGuigan
    Discussant: Barbara Voss

    Paper 8
    Is there no sin down South of the Equator? Perception of career differences due to professional diversity in auditing in Brazil
    Authors: João Paulo Resende de Lima, Claudio de Souza Miranda, Silvia Pereira de Castro Casa Nova
    Discussant: Cíntia do Nascimento Silva

  • Paper 9
    Multiple epistemologies in accountability and the role of Post Normal Science in shaping co-accountability
    Authors: Carla Antonini, Ericka Costa, Michele Andreaus, Caterina Pesci
    Discussant: Max Baker

    Paper 10
    Contracting Moral Blindness: A Critical Analysis of Results-Based Management and Performance Contracting in the Kenyan Non-Commercial Public Enterprises Sector
    Author: Robert Nyamori, Gordon Boyce
    Discussant: Farzana Tanima

  • Paper 11
    Accountants in space: Professional privilege and resistance in the global city
    Author: Rania Kamla
    Discussant: Claire Deng

    Paper 12
    Working Towards Pictures: A Field Study on Crafting Dashboards
    Authors: Marc Feldmann, Lukas Löhlein, Utz Schäffer
    Discussant: Erkki Lassila

  • introduced by Jane Andrew

  • The Present and Future of the Academy
    Moderator: Christine Cooper

  • Cameron Graham, Conference Chair, CPA 2020
    Mary Vera-Colina, Conference Chair, CPA 2023, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogota